Nutritional Benefits of Apples

There is a common saying that states that one apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is an old saying and it points to the nutritional and health benefits of consuming apples. All over the globe, apples are very well-known and highly-cherished. Apples come in different shapes and varieties and each is packed with a lot of benefits and these will be discussed in this piece. 

By nature, apples are very nutritious, even a single apple can give almost 100 calories and contains an impressive level of fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin K. But that is not all to apples as they also have minerals like potassium, copper, manganese and there are also other vitamins. These include vitamins B1 (also called thiamine), B2, A, E and even B6. 

Apples are packed with substances that have so many advantages for your health and vitality.Apples are packed with substances that have so many advantages for your health and vitality.

But one thing that everyone should know is that in order to get the maximum nutritional advantage and health benefits from apples, they must be consumed with the skins present on them. 

For those who want to either watch their weight or even lose weight, apples are very good to be added to the diet. This is possible because apples are quite rich in fiber and water. This explains why eating an apple before you start a meal already makes you feel full and satisfied. 

However, assisting in maintenance of or loss of weight is not the only nutritional benefits of apples. This is because these fruits also have very positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Research has shown that apples reduce the risk of coming down with heart disease, which is currently one of the biggest causes of death across the globe. What this means, in essence, is that an apple a day can truly keep the doctor away. Apples have cardioprotective functions because they have soluble fibers that are really good at stabilizing the cardiovascular system.

Heart disease is not the only disease whose risk is reduced by the consumption of apples.

Diabetes is another serious systemic disease whose risk can equally be decreased with the consumption of apples. The best thing about this is that the same positive effect accrues in the body even if the subject takes a single apple a day or one apple every couple of days. One of the ways apples are able to do this is because of their protective effects on the internal organs such as the pancreas which is very integral to the metabolism of sugars in the body.

Cancer is a big problem all over the world, it claims millions of lives yearly and there seems to be no end in sight. However, apples can help reduce the risk of coming down with cancer. This is precisely because of the nature and function of the biochemical substances they are composed of. Antioxidants in apple are very good examples of this. Therefore, it becomes quite apparent that apart from the nutritional advantages, there are also medical benefits that come with eating apples. 

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